Longer, Thicker, and Stronger-The Story of How I Enlarge My Penis

I'm a sex worker and I'm fairly open about my work, I do not mind talking about it. A lot of men ask me questions about my job, and trying to be the person as I am.

Understanding The Answer to The Big Question: "Does The Size Matter, And If So, How Do You Make It Bigger?"

If a boy is endowed very well, I tell him the truth: "CERTAIN THAT YOU COUNT, THE BIGGER, THE BETTER !" But if a boy has a smaller penis, in this case, I have to change the truth a little, say things like "no, it's not a problem, the more important things should be the way you use it, and your experience "I did not think that the situation would ever be changed, until a true story happend to a customer around me.

The Story About Mr. X

Mr. X was not a regular customer, so to speak, he came to me once a week and always did his best in bed, as if he were trying to show me that he was a formidable lover, despite his 11 cm! (I think it's the smallest penis I've ever seen).

I did my job, as usual, I pretended to enjoy and move the body like they usually do pornstars, but I did not hear anything! And right in the middle of the relationship, he caught me. "Wait, do you still hear something? I pulled him out a minute ago, or are you pretending?

Well, he was not at all pissed at me, indeed, Mr. X decided to speak to me with an open heart: "Hell, I wish it was longer, but it's impossible, I think it does not do any good to talk about it. Maybe surgery could help, though, but I think it's not really worth it - huge risks just to gain a couple of centimeters! I do not know what to do."

I 've been in the porn industry for a long time, I know a lot about penis enlargement, and more than you might think. Only people often do not ask questions. But I think my readers can find it is useful, so I'll tell you the same things that I once said Mr. X.

Penis Enlargement Is POSSIBLE.

Without pills, surgery, pumps or any other stuff under risk. The increase is quite significant. It was a boy talking to me about this new and unusual method for penis enlargement. We worked together, you know what I mean.

For the record, I saw a lot of cocks in my life, but HIS was huge. To cut a long story short, once he drank a little and confessed that he used to measure 17 cm in the past. That was fine, but for a more successful career, he needed something more impressive. That's why he thought of using a folk remedy among porn actors - a special cream for penis enlargement.

In reality, then very few people knew of the existence of such a product, mostly only those who had lived abroad. But now it is becoming increasingly popular - both scientific journals and glossy magazines have spread the message first: "Now increasing the size of your penis is even easier than enlarging your lips or breasts." Boys, you are the lucky ones! "

I took the trouble to translate the most important part of the article I mentioned, so that you can read the doctor's opinion and understand what causes the enlargement.

I took the trouble to translate the most important part of the article I mentioned, so that you can read the doctor's opinion and understand what causes the enlargement.

The Specialist's Comment:

"The size of the penis depends directly on the ability of its tissues to absorb blood." Studies conducted by some European scientists have shown that the penis of some men cannot fill with blood even at 75%.

To improve this capacity, we recommend using a special product called 'Max Enhancer'. It makes the skin of the penis more elastic and increases the width of the cavernous body thanks to an intensified blood circulation, which inevitably causes an increase in the total mass up to a time and a half.

This translates into more intense and longer-lasting erections, the shape of the penis becomes anatomically perfect and sensitivity increases.

'Max Enhancer' has been tested by 10,000 men between 25 and 65 years of age: the average length of the penis has increased by 4.2 cm and the circumference of 0.07 cm. To get this result you only need to gently apply the gel on your genitals and let it act for 10-15 minutes. The result will be visible after 4-5 weeks.

Do not be lazy, dedicate a few minutes a day to the care of your friend - and he will give you back the favor by showing unprecedented growth!

I know it sounds very promising, but I would have completely forgotten if it had not been for Mr. X. I'm so glad he agreed to try it.

Let The Miracle Begin

I made a deal with Mr. X - before any sexual intercourse he had to apply 'Max Enhancer' on his penis and massage during the preliminaries for 10 minutes. For this purpose I borrowed the necessary amount of this magic cream from a colleague (who also took part in the shoot). The cream helped him to gain a good 7 centimeters. (Now that he had a 24 cm penis he did not need it anymore)

A week later I noticed that my partner's cock responded better to stimulation, it filled up better with blood and I finally started to feel it when he put it inside. In a couple of weeks we could not help but notice a significant increase in length and girth - his cock was undoubtedly thicker, his slightly curved shape was practically straightened out, and had a very strong and lasting erection.

When the experiment was over (4 weeks later), my lover could make me come easily. And it took only 3 minutes to take me over the limit. His cock has grown 4.5 cm. (increased both in length and in circumference).

With his permission, I would like to show you his photos BEFORE and AFTER because I want you to see the difference yourself (we thought no one would recognize him from his penis, at least not now, dur to the big changes).

Impressive, is not it?